Marcelo Alonso Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Competition Training

For white belts with one stripe and higher belts. During these classes students will focus on situational and tough sparring. The rounds will build endurance for upcoming competitive matches.

Competition training will test your training, increase your cardio, and put you into rolls with people of different weight classes and proportions. There will be more cardio drills, timed drills, rounds, and situational sparring.

You are welcome to come watch a class and to also participate in a class for free before becoming a member.

BJJ Fundamentals

For white belts with one stripe and higher belts. Students will learn the basic techniques - sweeps, chokes, holds, and more. The class will begin with a warm up followed by lessons and drills with partners. Keen attention to detail, patience with yourself, and practice are the keys to fundamentals.

Professor Marcelo or another black belt teach these classes. Students must pay attention to the details and practice the moves as instructed before being turned loose to add their own flavor. This class is often followed by BJJ Advanced Class, positional sparring, or open mat time.

Techniques students will learn:

  • Basic self defense
  • Basic chokes
  • Basic guard passes and submissions
  • Side mount and transitions
  • Takedowns
  • Basic throws and sweeps

BJJ Advanced

For white belts with one stripe (and instructor permission) and higher belts. Advanced classes are for those who train to compete in the ring or against to their own goals. The best come to train to improve their skills, roll with the highly skilled, and to receive expert coaching. The advanced class is for those skilled in the fundamentals who are focusing on refining their skills in the ring. Break through plateaus, move forward to your goals, add more skills to your arsenal, and push yourself. The students at MABJJ push one another to be better, work as a team to encourage one another to be more technical, to remember the fundamentals, and to practice to win the medals.

Techniques students will learn:

  • Advanced guards, passes, and submissions from all positions
  • Leg lock (knee, ankle, heel, toe holds, hips)
  • Advanced guard passes and submissions
  • Inversion techniques
  • Advanced defense
  • Advanced choke submissions


Taught mainly by Clinton Radovich, Judo will assist the student in learning standing skills. Drills include walking, taking opponents to the ground, throws, posture and balance, and technical aspects of grips and positions. Clinton has an excellent communication and demonstration style allowing the student to employ unfamiliar techniques in their drills. He also easily moves from Judo to BJJ and back again in his explanations allowing an easy mingling of the two forms. Judo complements BJJ in stand-up to take down scenarios and grip fighting. Judo assists students in overcoming fears and increases confidence.

Techniques students will learn:

  • Falling techniques
  • Throwing techniques
  • Footwork
  • Posture
  • Gripping techniques

Open Mat & Sparring

Open Mat has no instructor & Sparring includes an instructor running positional sparring drills. Open mat is where you go to take the lessons from class and apply them in an unstructured session. Open mat helps you learn how an opponent may react teaching you to react by using your arsenal of techniques. It will also help you improve your scrambling, transitions, and submissions. Open mat is not a substitute for regular class, but a way to improve your creativity and flex your BJJ tools. Optional no-gi.

Directed positional sparring reinforces drills learned in class against people of different shapes, sizes, and weight classes. Positional sparring often runs in 3-5 minute sparring drills with a minute break and then a switch to next partner.

Techniques students will learn:

  • Patience
  • Respect
  • Humility

Private Lessons

Private classes with our instructors are a great way to improve, move past stuck points, and to increase your game. If you feel you are not making progress and need special attention to specific moves or techniques, then a private lesson may help you reach the next level.

Marcelo Alonso can and has provided customized training to the armed forces and law enforcement. The Seminars offered through MABJJ are from competitors and trainers from around the world. Marcelo Alonso brings talented competitors to Seattle for special classes. These seminars will help you develop techniques, push you out of your comfort zone, and assist you in refining specific techniques.