Marcelo Alonso Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Safety & Conduct Guidelines


All people who are willing to train hard and with respect are welcome. Students at all times must be considerate and courteous to other students and make the effort to train with all due respect for their fellow participants. Each student must make the effort to actively share and cooperate with other students and guests. Additionally, Students shall be diligent in their efforts to be on time for class.


Joint Locks & Chokes: There is a traditional responsibility for the person applying a lock (arm, leg, foot, neck, etc.) or a choke/strangle to ensure that he or she does not “snap on” a lock or crank with a sharp and vicious movement, giving the opponent insufficient time to submit. In the application of joint locks, once the hold is tight, apply pressure slowly until your partner submits.

Skill and style are important in the martial arts, and so is care---and nowhere more so than in the use of locks and chokes. Students must develop the feeling of sensitivity. Also, no neck cranks or heel hooks are allowed in sparring.


When your partner taps the mat, your body or his own body, with his hand or foot, or yells, “Stop!” he is letting you know that he is yielding. Release pressure---then either maintain with control or release the hold


It is the thrower’s responsibility to see that the mat is clear before throwing. Do not throw a beginner unless the instructor gives his consent. Release the hold completely if your partner quickly moves in the wrong direction of escape; his counter-move may cause him injury.


No roughhouse or horseplay before, during, or after class or practice; the potential exits for injury to others as well as yourself or your partner.

Personal Hygiene & Cleanliness

Students shall keep their finger and toe nails trimmed, and shall be considerate of others by maintaining their own personal hygiene. The regular use of showers, deodorant, etc. is encouraged and should be done prior to coming to class. Participants shall wear clean uniforms to class and wash their uniforms regularly.

If a student has any cuts or sores on their body, they must cover them before class. If bandages come off during class, students should place them in the trash and replace the covering. Any blood on the mat should be wiped up immediately with disinfectant solution (ask instructor for assistance).


Only clean bare feet or socks are allowed. No street shoes on mats.

Students may not store their gi’s or any personal belongings at the Academy. Lockers are for daily use only. All members share the responsibility of maintaining our Academy in an orderly, clean and sanitary manner for all to enjoy. After each training session mats shall be swept and/or damp wiped using the correct cleaning method.

Bathrooms and changing rooms are to remain neat and clean, and students have a responsibility to cooperate in this regard.


During class please refer to Marcelo as “Sir”, “Professor” or “Master”. Although here at the Academy we like to be informal, it is disrespectful during class to address Marcelo in a personal manner. It is also disrespectful to talk while an Instructor is teaching; listen and learn.

Drug & Alcohol

The use of drugs and/or alcohol at our Academy is strictly prohibited, and will not be tolerated. Members suspected of using either will be asked to leave the Academy immediately, and may have their membership privileges revoked.